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Terms & Conditions

1) This agreement is made between

SAP Training & Consultancy London T/A, Kopac Technology Ltd, who’s enlisted location is: 64, Broadway, Stratford, E15 1NT AND The student or Course attendee or Company’s authorised representative (named on the invoice)

2) In the event of unforeseen circumstances,SAP Training & Consultancy London reserves the right to change the course start date by giving 5 (five) days notice to the course attendee(s)

3) All the fees must be paid in full at least 1 (one) week prior to the course start date, this is due to high demand for certain courses and our strict policy of a maximum of 5 students per class in order for the lectures to have more attention on the course attendees

4) Once a module or course has started no refund will be given, for this reason, SAP Training & Consultancy London strongly advises the course attendees or companies to check the modules taught for each course or have a discussion about the course with the course co-coordinators in advance.

5) The customer has the right to claim for a refund if requested by writing 5 days of the course commencing date. This does not apply for the courses beginning inside a week of enrolment. An administration fee is applicable depends on the course and delivery method such as delivery type group class etc.

6) The customer has the right to change the beginning date by giving at least seven days notice, in composing or by means of email info(@)sap-training-london.com. Any request receives after this date, may not be accepted. This is because of reserved seats and restricted space.

7) SAP Training (London) maintains all authority to reject access to any course actively present to a person who has neglected to make the full instalment on time.

8) If the understudy or course actively started person misses a class, SAP Training London won’t “repeat” the class. When the course has begun, the class time can’t be changed.

9) In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to change the course start date by giving 5 (five) days notice to the course attendee(s) or substitute with alternative training delivery method to compensate.

10) In the very unlikely event, it’s necessary to cancel an event due to circumstances beyond our control, we will inform you by email or other means with as much notice as possible. We will not be responsible for any financial loss. expenses such as accommodation or travel due to a cancelled event. In this case, a substitute for the training delivery method will be offered (such as alternative dates/live online where possible). If a refund is agreed in writing, we will issue the refund within 45 days and may deduct the administration charge depends on the course delivery factor.

11)Once the student enrolled (Paid in full or deposit) and wish to cancel the class no refund will be given once the course materials have been distributed to students for prior preparation for the training (including remotely setting up or configuration of student’s laptop/work station for the training, cloud access to resources/study materials). The student has the option to reschedule the class or where appropriate live online can be substituted

12)If the student enrolled for the discounted package or bundle course. No refund will be given if the student commences any of the courses included in that discount bundle package. The student has the option to take different courses within the price limit (classroom/Online/substitute to available exams at our centre) at any time within 1 year of enrolment (Need to re-book the courses in advance). This can be extended under management discretion.

13) If a customer would like to make any suggestion or complain regarding their online training delivery session, it must be made within 1 hour of commencing the training so we can take further action to resolve the issue. For the classroom, it must be made within 3 hours.

14) The terms and conditions are subject to change.



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